In situ testing

High Definition Borehole TV

The borehole TV probe is a color digital camera  that allows to make a 360 ° view of the walls of boreholes and to carry out a detailed geometric-geostructural characterization. The equipment allows to measure and describe the characteristics of the discontinuities present in a borehole with a particularly high accuracy and precision not possible with other more commonly used television or photographic systems.

Equipment used:

  • High definition digital TV probe with side view, equipped with a triaxial accelerometer and magnetometer to run simultaneously the television survey and the inclinometer log.

For each hole we provide, when possible:

  • table with the data of immersion, inclination and opening of all the fractures found,
  • rosette diagram,
  • Wulf diagram,
  • 360 ° images of the lateral surfaces of the borehole wall, represented as if they were cores inserted in boxes.
  • geometrical log of the axis

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