In situ Testing

Dilatometric Test

The dilatometer applies a radial load to the borehole wall, measuring the corresponding diameter variation. In this way, it is possible to determine the deformability modulus of the surrounding material. In weak rocks and in soils the test can give an estimate of the strength parameters.

Double Flat Jack

The Double Flat Jack Test, typically carried out in weak rocks and masonry walls, estimates the elastic modulus of the material. In many situations, the test can be pushed to rupture, obtaining a measurement of uniaxial compression strength.

Costumized In Situ Special Tests

The special tests are designed by means of mathematical models. The computer simulation of the test  alows fine tuning of the details that would otherwise require a lot of experimental work.

Plate Load Test in Rock

The Plate Load Tests measure the deformability characteristics of the rock mass in various situations: trenches, small tunnels, side niches, shafts.

In Situ Shear Test

We carry out in situ shear tests on: rock joints; interface concrete-rock; interface concrete-concrete. Mostly, the scope is dam building sites.

High Definition Borehole Camera

A lateral view borehole camera survay records a high resolution picture of the borehole wall, which analysis allows mapping the orientation and characteristics of all the joints intersecting the borehole.

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