Measurements and monitoring

Stress Monitoring

Unlike the tests, that measure the current state of stress of a rock or concrete, the stress monitoring measures the stress tensor variations, that develops starting from the installation instant (zero reading).

For this purpose, instruments named “stress-meters” or “stress cells” are used; they obtain the stress variations in indirect way, measuring the deformation of the borehole.

The stress-meters are equipped with a temperature sensor.  Thus, it is possible a compensation of the measurement, subtracting thermal variation effects.

The stress-meters can be uniaxial, biaxial, triaxial.

Often, the stress-meters are installed after a stress measurement, in the same cored borehole used for a Doorstopper or CSIRO test.

Typical application scopes are the pillars and the walls of mining stopes, the tunnel linings, and the body of concrete dams.

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