Measurements and Monitoring

Monitoring Systems

We design, install and manage monitoring systems in tunnels, large ungergound chambers, slopes, quarries and mines

Stress Monitoring

In special boreholes, we install instruments that measure the variations in stress of the rock or concrete

Extenso-inclinometers of TRIVEC family

For high precision monitoring in dams, rock masses and foundations of civil works, Sial.tec uses the removable instrumentation TRIVEC – SLIDING MICROMETER – SLIDING DEFORMETER

Inclinometric Surveys

For deformation monitoring of natural slopes, embankments, excavation faces, tunnels, civil works such as foundations, diaphragms, bulkheads, retaining walls.

Borehole Extensometers

Deformation monitoring of quarry faces, slopes, tunnels and underground chambers and retaining walls.


For the control of rock joints, quarry faces, rock slopes, cracked concrete structures and cracked masonry


For the control of the tilt of quarry faces, rock slopes, concrete structures and masonry

Load Cells for Anchors

For monitoring the tensioning force of cable tendons and anchor bolts. The load cells  are mounted on the walls of underground excavations (tunnels, shafts, chambers), on quarry faces, on rock slopes, on retaining walls.

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