Overcoring CSIR - Doorstopper


Sial.tec performs Doorstopper Overcoring tests for the measurement of the Stress State in rock masses and in concrete structures.

Doorstopper tests are particularly suitable for local stress measurements ar shallow depth(0-5m).

Typical operating fields are:

  • underground structures, niches, adit walls, tunnels, room-pillar mining
  • concrete lining of tunnels
  • concrete beams, pillars, floor slabs
  • concrete dams from adits and external surfaces

The know how, the equipment and the experimental/interpretation procedures we currently use concern a large field of applications:

  • test depth up to 10 m (for best results we suggest a max depth of 5 m)
  • drillings in any direction (downwards depth is limited to about 1.5 m because of the need to extrac water and perfectly dry the bottom of the hole for gluing the measuring cell)
  • borehole diameter 76 mm
  • sample diameter 61 mm
  • temperature compensating measuring head and readout unit
  • important consideration: the use of a 4 strain gauges rosette, positioned at 45° the one from the other, allows a statistical analysis of the test results.  

Drilling with electric coring machine is at our charge: the perforation is a part of the teswt we provide.

The test includes the determination ot the elastic modulus of the sample, that is performed with a radial loading cell using the same doorstopper celle glued on the sample for defomation measurement.



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