Hydraulic Fracturing (HF)


Depending on customers requirements and the site and rock conditions, Sial.tec performs Hydraulic Fracturing Tests (Hydrofracturing , HF) and its variations named HJ (Hydraulic Jacking) and HTPF (Hydraulic Test Preexisting Fractures), in order to measure the Natural State of Stress of the Rock and to study the Rock Permeabiliy at High Pressure Levels.

The know-how, the equipments and the experimental / interpretative procedures we use, fit a wide range of situations:

  • test depth over 1000 m, with use of down-hole electonics;
  • range of borehole diameter 38-101 mm;
  • every borehole orientation (downward and upward);
  • use of the drill rig or wire cable + winch, for the movimentation of the test tools in the borehole;
  • test pressure over 50 MPa (500 bar)
  • injection flow-rate variable in the range 0.1 e 15 l/min;
  • tests from fast (e few minuts duration) to slow (several days duration);
  • the standard fluid used for Hydroftacturing is water; it is also possible to use other fluids (gas or liquids) expressly designed for special applications.


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