Company Profile

Sìal.tec ENGINEERING S.R.L. is a company specialized in Rock and Soil Engineering

Sìal.tec has been founded in January 2003 by Pierre Devin and Stefano Guido, together with the French company ME2i. Subsequently, in 2008, Andrea Martignoni replaced ME2i.

Sial.tec inherits the equipments and the technical experience of the geomechanical division of Enel.Hydro-ISMES.

With its equipment and technical know-how, Sìal.tec is able to perform standard rock mechanics tests, as well as to develop customized tests according to specific clients requests.

The holders are engineers and geologists with decades of specialized experience in the geotechnical and geomechanical field, particularly referring to:

  • performance and interpretation of in situ tests
  • performance and interpretation of monitoring
  • consulting and design in the field of geotechnical structures (tunnels, caverns, excavation fronts, quarries, natural slopes, foundations, dams, etc.)
  • back-analysis of experimental observations
  • development of specialized software
  • development of test equipment and prototypes


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